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Zara Bloor

Photography was one of the most enjoyable subjects I did at GCSE at school and I wanted to try and pursue that more and learn more about it at College. At school I did macro photography which is the thing I focused mainly on but coming to College I have found that I actually really enjoy fashion photography, rather than landscapes and trying to catch things in the moment I prefer them to be set and planned. 

I have learnt more about the camera so different exposures, apertures, and different ways to move shadows around. My final project is on urban fashion. I have been looking at Vogue, just different magazines and the different studio shoots. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about looking at Vogue was the fact that before it was just about stick thin models but now they have started bringing in normal size models. I mainly gain inspiration from Vogue and if I had to say the one place I would like to work in the future it would be Vogue.

I would like to go into make-up and singing because I perform but photography is also something I would like to pursue. My tutor is amazing, he has helped me a lot, Paul is just amazing, he worked in the industry, and has showed us previous projects he has worked on and photography stuff that he has done. I think he has also been displayed in galleries; he really is an inspiration. He showed us his life story which he had put into his photography. One of my favourite pictures he showed us was about 17 versions of him sitting at a table, him in the middle and all around him was different parts of his medical problems or when he was angry at himself.  

One of the main reasons I chose MidKent College at the Maidstone Campus was the facilities as when I came on the open day and saw the studio I was just WOW, it blew me away. My parents are very supportive of me coming to College, my Mum even brings me in.