• What will I learn?

        Formalise a career in the creative industry by learning essentials such as film and video editing, advertising production, sound for the moving image and music-based programming. Our Creative Media programmes provides you with an invaluable combination of realistic hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. Depending on your programme, you may study the production processes of contemporary mass media; developing skills in areas such as photography, production, writing, advertising design, digital graphics, website design and print publishing. You will also undertake projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.

      • Why choose a MidKent College Creative Media study programme?

        Our experienced tutors will supply you with professional insight, coupled with the use of industry standard equipment, to set you up for an immediate career within the media and communications industry, or take you onto further study at university. You’ll develop the skills, experience and know-how to significantly enhance your career prospects. Students will also have opportunities to showcase their work in exhibition venues across Maidstone and Medway.

      • How is English & maths involved?

        If you’re aged 16-18 years old, English and maths will be a vital part of your study programme. You will study both subjects at a level that is appropriate to you. English and maths will give you the confidence to communicate ideas and analyse technical elements of your media projects.

      • What have your past students gone on to do?

        Successful students have entered into employment locally with graphic design and marketing companies. Others have gone on to university to further their study.

      • What can I do afterwards?

        Take your creative skills and experience into careers such as graphic design, photography or website design. Have you considered working as a broadcaster, TV producer or as a camera operator?

      • What’s the difference between a Creative Media course and a study programme?

        Traditionally you may have studied a Media course, where you would only study the qualification, such as video editing, photography and advertising production. A Creative Media study programme is so much more than a Creative Media course!

        This change to study programmes is due to national feedback from employers saying young people need to have more than just a “qualification”; they need to have the skills to work in their chosen industry. A study programme encompasses the subject qualification, English and maths skills as well as work experience and personal development skills. You can read more about study programmes here.

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