Could you support a MidKent College student with an industry placement?

We're looking for businesses from a range of sectors in Kent and Medway to help young people explore their career goals and increase their employability skills. 

Sounds good, but isn't it a lot of work? 

Actually, no. 

At MidKent College we spend a lot of time developing employability and sector-specific skills in our students. That means by the time they reach you they're already well-equipped and eager to make the most out of the opportunity you are providing. 

There's no financial outlay either - you don't have to pay the young person, and your existing employer's liability insurance should also cover the placement. 

How will this benefit my business? 

While Work Experience is undoubtedly a great opportunity for young people, we believe there are tangible business benefits too: 

  • Brand loyalty and profile. Giving back to local communities through corporate social responsibility projects like industrial placements are likely to lead to increased brand loyalty and profile, and in turn to greater profits.
  • Market insights and customer base. Young people working in your business often bring fresh ideas to help you reach new and emerging youth markets. 
  • Staff development and engagement. Staff can benefit from working with young people. It can help to build their communication, coaching and influencing skills and give you the opportunity to identify management potential. 
  • Workforce diversity. Every business recognises the value of a diverse workforce and broad talent pool. Young people are a huge part of this. 
  • Smart recruitment. 'Growing your own' is a great way for businesses to secure talented and loyal employees, and train them to meet specific skills needs. An industry placement essentially offers you the opportunity to try before you buy.

What do I need to do? 

If you'd like to discuss a potential industry placement opportunity in your business, contact our industry placement team on 01622 624997 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..