• What will I learn?

        You'll be able to test your skills on a wide variety of projects from wall areas to complete cubicles. Topics will include the latest knowledge on building methods and construction technology as well as how to prepare surfaces for decorating and safe working practices. You'll also learn the practical skills of painting, applying wallpapers and producing specialist finishes. You'll learn effects such as stencilling and sponging, marbling and spraying. Some of our Painting & Decorating students have also painted decorative features such as fireplaces too.

        You'll learn what it takes to become a skilled, professional painter and decorator. These programmes are ideal for progressing students, and for those who want to formalise their career in the building industry. All of our staff are industry professionals, and so are best placed to be able to advise you on your career progression.

      • How is English & maths involved?

        If you're 16-18 years old, English and maths will be part of your study programme. You'll study both subjects at a level to suit you. These will help you to develop the skills to cost projects and communicate your ideas.

      • What facilities and trips are available?

        Our on-campus workshops house some of the best facilities to help you learn a range of skills. We work closely with Medway Council to offer work experience throughout the year. A partnership with Dulux gives students extra trade knowledge and students have also visited the Ideal Home exhibition in London.

      • Is an apprenticeship available?

        Yes, the College offers an apprenticeship in Painting & Decorating.

      • What have your past students gone on to do?

        Many of our students have progressed into employment and gained apprenticeships, or completed advanced decorating courses. Some have even become self-employed painters and decorators.

      • What can I do afterwards?

        You could progress onto a number of careers including as a decorator, wallpaper designer, project manager or site manager.

      • What’s the difference between a Painting & Decorating course and a study programme?

        Traditionally you may have studied a Painting & Decorating course, where you would only study the qualification, such as stencilling, applying wallpapers and spraying. A Painting & Decorating study programme is so much more than a Painting & Decorating course!

        This change to study programmes is due to national feedback from employers saying young people need to have more than just a “qualification”; they need to have the skills to work in their chosen industry. A study programme encompasses the subject qualification, English and maths skills as well as work experience and personal development skills. You can read more about study programmes here.

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