• What will I learn?

        Depending on the level and type of programme you complete, you may develop your manual skills, remove and fit basic body and related components, develop basic preparation and refinishing skills, practice basic engineering fabrication skills, and/or gain a thorough understanding of vehicle systems, including electrical and electronic principles, as well as study e-commerce, mathematics and science.

        We'll also improve your literacy and numeracy too as part of your study programme. Health and safety will play a key part of your studies too.

      • Why choose a MidKent College Motor Mechanic study programme?

        We work closely with local employers to ensure our Motor Mechanic study programmes provide the skills and techniques that they're looking for. We cater from beginners to experienced car mechanics seeking new skills. You'll also complete work experience as part of your programme, and so will have hands-on experience of the industry. Depending on your level, we'll also help to improve your English and maths skills too.

      • How is English & maths involved?

        If you're 16-18 years old, English and maths will be part of your study programme. You will study both subjects at a level which is appropriate to you. You'll then have the confidence to apply them to your work, whether through accurately reading your instruments or providing a detailed report to a customer.

      • Is an apprenticeship available?

        Yes, find out more about our mechanic apprenticeships.

      • What have your past students gone on to do?

        Many of our Motor Mechanic students have entered employment in the local area, or have formalised their skills in their existing roles.

      • What facilities and trips are available?

        You'll have the opportunity to take part in various trips to places such as Buckmore Park, Brooklands, Mercedes and Brands Hatch. You'll also visit trade competitions too. Whatever study programme you choose, there's plenty of practice maintaining and restoring vehicles in our modern, well-equipped workshops.

      • What can I do afterwards?

        You'll have the skills to become an MOT tester, motorsport engineer or even progress to becoming a restoration specialist!

      • What’s the difference between a Car Mechanic course and a study programme?

        Traditionally you may have studied a Motor Mechanic course, where you would only study the qualification, such as fitting body components, electronic principles and vehicle maintenance. A Motor Mechanic study programme is so much more than a Motor Mechanics course!

        This change to study programmes is due to national feedback from employers saying young people need to have more than just a “qualification”; they need to have the skills to work in their chosen industry. A study programme encompasses the subject qualification, English and maths skills as well as work experience and personal development skills. You can read more about study programmes here.

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