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Verity Robinson

Diploma in Education & Training (DET)  2nd year

I currently work in a special needs school so I teach a range of subjects to students aged 16 or over. I’m specialising in English, sex education and careers. This course has given me the tools to be able to teach anything.

I think we’re really lucky with our lecturer who is extremely enthusiastic and works at a fast pace which really suits me. The course has really given me the skills I need to do my job. Everyone on the course is teaching already, and this qualification will help us to upskill.

The first year did feel quite intense, but I think you get used to it. You have to manage your time and ensure you have certain evenings set aside so you have a good education/work/life balance.

We are assessed by written assignments of 2000 words, which may seem a lot if you are returning to education but you are learning all the time even just doing the assignments.

I’ve loved returning to education. The constructive feedback through peer and tutor observations has been a really positive and beneficial part of the course. Even if you are doing something wrong, you learn to put it right – without that feedback you wouldn’t be able to do that.