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Thomas Sutton

I chose Graphic Design as I would like to have a career in graphics. I like product design and graphic designing is my kind of thing. I like the project I’m working on now, and I can do what I want to do as my tutor is letting us be free to create.

I like doing projects on relevant topics so at the moment it’s the corona virus.  I’m using illustration photoshop on the Mac at the moment and basic art skills as well such as drawing, painting and designing.

At this point in time I am not sure what I am going to do after College. I have a wide variety of options so will just see where is takes me. My tutor Matt is very nice and so is my PPT Suzanne. They are laid back and you can have actually have a conversation with them.

MidKent College is local to me and it has good reviews. It also did the programme I wanted to study and the work I saw people doing on the programme I thought I would enjoy.