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Sophie Butler - Industry Placement Case Study

For my industry placement, I’m working for Ward Construction at their head office in Ashford in the estimating department.

When I had my first meeting there they asked me what I wanted to do, but I didn’t actually know what estimating was! There’s so much to it; I have to measure perimeters and areas, and make sure the rates are OK and that they’re specific to the job. So far I’ve completed about four jobs, and they all go on to be checked by others. The staff are really helpful as although they’re busy people, they always want me to ask questions. To them what I’m doing is so easy, but it’s new to me so I asked loads of questions. I’m going to stay in the estimating department, they’re really supportive of what you want to do and they offer apprenticeships which I might look into. 

As I am on a Level 3 course (Construction & Built Environment) we need to do 350 hours of industry placement per year.  It really helps to develop teamwork and communication skills.