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Seon Finch

We have covered health and safety, soldering, scaffolding etc and now we are going over everything to revise it. My favourite part so has been scaffolding which was fun. I also enjoyed hanging radiators.

I have a work placement with a plumbing company and I have been working all over the place. It really helps me to understand what I’m learning on the programme.

I originally started in sixth form, but found that it wasn’t for me and so applied to start College the following year. The tutors are great, really informative in both theory and practical and I find that I am always picking up new skills from them.

I also do English & maths, but do the stretch and challenge course as I already have the grades. It is useful and you do a fair amount of maths in plumbing.

Next year, I’d like to go on to do the level 3 and then after that try and get as much under my belt as possible, like electrics and carpentry so I can do a bit of everything on site.