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Riannon Waters

I am studying Multi-Trades as I know I will be able to go into employment after. I am doing painting and decorating as I find it relaxing and I have always like doing it.  

Today I am working on a fireplace for the apprentices to wallpaper underneath. I have learned to set up dado rails and paint around lights, paint floors and different painting techniques. In Bricklaying I had no idea what do to and now I can do straight walls, chimneys and arches.  

If I went onto work without knowing what I am doing then I wouldn’t get paid much. I come into College excited with what I am going to learn. Sixth form was not for me I was studying my GCSEs and then came to College.  

I come to MidKent College as it is closest and I am looking for an apprentice role at the moment and College is helping me out with this. Next year I will be either go out and look for work as this is my second year or stay on for another year.  

Mum is amazing and buys me what I need for the programme; my whole family are all very supportive.  

The group I am in is very supportive and they treat me as one and help me if I need help. I would 100% recommend Multi-Trades. 

I have had some girls come up to me saying they don’t think they could do it and I have told them if I can anyone can. My tutor is so supportive and Bob is amazing. The tutors make the programme amazing and anything I need they make sure it’s ready. They go out of their way to make sure we have everything we need.