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Peter Oladipa

I chose to come to MidKent College as I wanted a second chance. I was doing an apprenticeship that I wasn't enjoying and really wanted to get back into full-time education. After looking at the prospectus, I was unsure of what to choose, so I came in one day for a visit and spoke to a career advisor. That was where I chose to my course: Business BTEC diploma.

During the first year of my course I was fortunate enough to take part in some great projects such as getting involved in the ‘tenner challenge’ a national competition, where students pitch a business idea with a budget of £10 as well as hosting a charity quiz night for one of business units. We also experienced a real interview process for a large Bank and got to understand the recruitment process we might encounter when applying for a job. They also spoke to us about career opportunities and the skills needed to be successful in the company. In addition to all of these events, my favourite one of them was going away to Seville, Spain for a month to complete my industry placement. It was such a rare and once in a life-time opportunity. It was during this time that I was able to meet new people, make new friends, embrace the culture and learn a new language.  

The Business is a phenomenal department, filled with rare and life-changing encounters, offering unlimited opportunities for those who may or may not be so sure for what career path they may go into.