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Mollie Newick

The course I am currently doing is a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Welding which is based one day a week at MidKent College and 4 days in the work-place. I work at Halton Food Services which is based in Rochester hence my course being on Medway Campus.

I previously gained a level 2 in Motor Mechanics where I touched on MIG welding - this is where my interest began, I enjoyed learning a new skill and found out quickly that I was quite good at it.

My experience so far has been a very positive one, I enjoy the workplace and have formed a great rapport with my work colleagues. At no point do I feel in a minority being a women in a male dominated environment. We are all aiming for the same goal (to help the company we work for to succeed).

College is far more of a relaxed environment whilst still gaining skills in my chosen career. I’m covering all types of welding within the course those being MMA, MIG and TIG. TIG being my main type of welding within my work place.

My future plans are to complete my apprenticeship and hopefully be taken on as a permanent member of staff. The company is quite vast with many avenues that I could branch into if I wanted, including travelling worldwide.

For any other women wanting to work in this environment I would say go for it, your skills are just as important as a males!  If you take pride in what you do and want to achieve the best you can, there is no reason why this has to remain a male dominated environment. 

Mollie in action!