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Lauren Hosford

I chose this course because I want to go onto study a Paramedic Science degree but didn’t have the UCAS points. So I thought an Access course would be a good way of getting the qualification to get me into Higher Education. 

I decided to come to MidKent College to study Access as I thought the look of the College was a lot nicer and the interview was a lot better. It was a very well structured process.

I work in a nursery and you see a lot of minor accidents and illness which opened up opportunities to go onto other training courses such as first aid at work and paediatric first aid. I really enjoyed these courses and it made me think that it’s something I would like to do full-time. 

We do a lot of different subjects - it covers all grounds. It’s really diverse which is good. At the moment we are doing psychology. We’ve just finished the methods and ethics section and we’ve looked at different case studies and how it can relate in practice. We have moved onto abnormal psychology which is really interesting. 

All the tutors are really good and supportive with each assignment. Although I haven’t, some people have been out of education for quite a long time and the tutors go through things and support you, helping us to get things right. Our professional studies teacher is Julie Peet - she’s so good she goes out of her way to help and provide us with additional information, it’s so inclusive. 

I have already started applying to universities and have two interviews shortly. My course finishes in the summer and there is a lot to get done in a short amount of time which can be challenging. You really have to be manage your time well but again the tutors are very supportive and understating. Coming back to College as an adult was a bit intimidating to start with but I came along to the induction day in the summer and I found that really useful. Although you see the College at interview you get too see it again at induction and I got to meet people my class and all the people I am friends with now are the people I met then. It does takes the pressure off because when it came to the first day when already knew each other. I would definitely recommend coming to College and continue with your education and learn new skills, it opens up doors to pursue other things.