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Kim Lewis

I would like to teach Beauty to further my career. I’m a beauty therapist; I’ve had my business for about 13 years so it’s a natural progression to go on to teach. The DET is the best qualification to have. I chose the College as if offers this qualification and I live nearby.

I’m going to be volunteering in the College’s Beauty department to complete my course; I’ve got to have 50 teaching hours.

I’m always doing new courses, so it’s not too bad coming back into education. A degree is a whole different kettle of fish, it’s not easy! I’m really enjoying it, it’s good.

Today we’re talking about uploading a really important piece of work. We had to do a microteach in front of our peers, everyone gave us a critical evaluation and then we’ve got to write up an assignment that goes to Canterbury Christ Church University.

Jacqui is good as a tutor, really helpful. I’m probably the only one on the course who’s not currently teaching so I have had to ask her for quite a bit of help and she’s been brilliant.