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Karen Aspinall

I chose MidKent College because it is local to me with a good reputation. I am a building officer and have other qualifications but never got around to the HNC which is why I wanted to do this course. This will help me with my current job for UK Power Networks and also if I wanted to move on if circumstances ever changed, it will give me a good background.  

I am enjoying the course and, although I already have some knowledge, it’s good to get views from other people and learn new subjects. I have found maths a bit challenging as it’s been a while since school. The tutors are really knowledgeable, helpful and approachable and the facilities are really good. I have found it quite straightforward to find my way around.

One of the most interesting things is going back to the analytical methods and the tutor is really good at providing extra bits of information that I didn’t know. I would definitely recommend the College as everyone is really helpful and the whole group has really jelled together well.