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Jarna Roberts - Level 2 Art & Design


I have always been interested in Art & Design because it allows you to express your creativity in different ways other than speaking. It will also help me in becoming an animator which is the job I would like to do in the future.

Once I have completed this, I hope to go onto the Level 3 in Art & Design – there’s not a specific animation programme here, but I know that when I go onto university the grade I get in that will help me move on to the degree.

At the moment in class we are doing Pop Art, learning about the different artists involved and about street art. We have been asked to focus on a band, make posters and design an album cover for them in the style of the pop artist that we have chosen. So far my favourite part has been poster design. I got to actually challenge my skills because I don’t normally draw and paint realistically so the fact that I was able to draw Boy George that good was great!

I chose MidKent College because they have a good range of facilities, they are pretty forward thinking and the tutors are more supportive that the ones I have had in the past. My tutors are very nice and I get on with Neil and Sophie really well. They help when you ask them to.

I started sixth form previously, but I didn’t like it. After coming to an open day at the College I decided College would be a better choice. I would recommend the College, because it is really, really nice. You are supported in almost everything you do and they do listen to you.

I am resitting GCSE maths alongside my programme and I’m getting support with it – I finally understand Pythagoras! I am looking into getting an industry placement at the moment which will help me to back-up what I am learning.
If you are thinking about coming to College, don’t think it’s an easy option! You do have to meet the deadlines and you do have to complete the work.