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Jade Elcock

I applied for university previously and was told I didn’t have the right qualifications to go. I searched around to see if I could do my A Levels anywhere but there isn’t really anywhere in Medway that you can do it. I stumbled across the Access course and applied for it thinking maybe it would help. 

I’ve always wanted to do something with English and writing ever since I was about 9. I have applied for English Literature with Creative Writing at Canterbury Christ Church University, English Literature at the University of Kent and also a course at UCA. I have decided to go with the course at Canterbury Christ Church University which will give me the chance of working on my own stuff too.

The hardest thing so far has been working while being at College. I have had to cut down my hours at work so finance has been a problem. I’m in College 3 days per week and I work 3 days as a bartender so I only get one day off!

I think the biggest highlight for me has been coming in with low expectations, thinking that I would only get passes and merits, but I’ve been getting merits and distinctions in subjects I’ve never even touched on before. The help I’ve had along the way to get to that point is also a highlight. 

Although English is my main focus, studying the other subjects alongside it has complemented what I’m learning.  Studying psychology helps me with analysing text in English, sociology has helped me in the sense of opening my mind to the world so when someone says something I can join in and debate it which I never felt I could do before.

Doing the Access course has given me my confidence back. Knowing that I can go from being out of education for about seven years to coming back and getting distinctions and merits has really given me that push to go to university and do what I want to do.

I applied online and then got invited for an interview which included an English and maths assessment. It wasn’t too scary! I found out on the day that I had a place which was good. At the start of the course I was worried about the workload and keeping up, but the tutors are really supportive. They are all really approachable and you can talk to them if you have any issues.