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Jack Goodayle

I have been interested in being in the  industry for so long. I can remember being at home looking up at the sky every time I could see an aircraft. I knew eventually my long term goal is to be a pilot. I knew I wanted to something else first because  it’s such a tough role to just go straight into, you either need to have a lot of money or be very lucky if you’re applying first time for a flight school. 

The Cabin Crew programme is almost the perfect gateway into that especially with the likes of EasyJet because they offer such great transitional routes through the company and promotional opportunities. 

I found about the College and programme through social media and it seemed like the perfect thing for me to do. I could have stayed on at sixth form but it wasn’t for me so I decided to leave all my friends at sixth form, come to College which is a big step for a lot of people. It’s not the easiest thing to do because you are coming into a new environment, a new place with new people but they couldn’t of made it easier and welcoming. I was lucky as the programme I did when I first joined I knew someone which helped me ease my way into the new programme lifestyle. 

The tutors do understand what you are going through, that you could be stressed and nervous and maybe anxious, they do everything and more to make sure you feel welcome. Coming to college was the best decision I ever made. College has taught me so much, not even for just going into the airlines but for general life that I will take with me, incredibly useful skills such as people skills. 

People may think it is easier to get into crew because they want to travel the world but there is so much theory, and customer service is such a huge part of it. For example you have to evacuate an entire aircraft in 90 seconds, which could be 400+ people and conduct a head count. The main responsibility of air cabin crew is to ensure the safety and security of the pilot, the crew, aircraft and the passengers.