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Irem Ozturk

I am in my first year studying Level 3 Business at MidKent. Previously I was studying A Levels at West Kent College but decided to change because I realised it wasn’t for me and I didn’t enjoy the subjects I was doing.  I thought instead of wasting another year I would rather do something I enjoy and that I am going have a career in which is why I chose Business.  After College I want to go onto university and study Law and Management and hopefully be able to work for a company in their legal department as a legal professional. 

So far we have covered Unit 1 which was about exploring business, Unit 3 which was about finance, Unit 4 managing events and Unit 8 which covers HR. I prefer a BTEC because you get to work by yourself and I like that.  I think when I was studying A Level’s it was a lot of pressure and you’re told what to do 24/7 and there are consequences if you don’t do it!  Obviously there are still consequences doing the BTEC but you get given more freedom and given independence, rather than having your teachers telling you what to do. You still have to get the work done and it is at a higher level, but it gets you ready for the real world.

The tutors are lovely and are always there to support you, if there are some bits you don’t understand in lesson they would also go through it with you until you get it!  So they do not just leave you alone with the work, they make sure you understand what you are doing.  It does help having a tutor like Sophie, who has come from a business background. It make us realise you can get to a higher level as she is really good at what she does - she inspires us.  I would recommend coming to College as it gets you ready for the real world, it is a completely different environment from school and I think with College you get to experience what life is going to be like.  You do work experience as well as part of the course which gives us the opportunity to put into practice what I have learnt.  I have worked in my dad’s restaurant and at the moment I am working at Costco.  It makes me realise that if I want to have my own business in the future I will need all the skills I am learning to run a successful business.