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Harry Green

The practical has definitely been my favourite bit so far. I do this as a job outside College as well, so this is good practice for when I’m actually at work. Today I’m wiring a three-way intermediate switch. We’ve just finished doing the two-way switches.

Jack, my tutor, has taught me a lot about regulations. He also says you shouldn’t do a shortcut when you should learn the long way first – and I’m all about the shortcuts!

I chose this College due to its accessibility. I only live about 20 minutes away. This College has a good record for Electrical programmes as well.

I want to go onto the level 3 programme next. I’d like to get the highest qualification I can. I’ve always wanted to be in the building industry, and especially in electrics as it’s so hands on. You can earn a lot being an electrician too! All of my family work in the industry too. I’ve been involved this way as a result – it’s always been something I was going to do.