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Harry Bunyan

So far in the study programme we have covered different styles of dance, such as a little bit of Irish Dancing, we’ve done tap, ballet and jazz, and we have had some people come into teach us under different disciplines. We’ve also got acting strands and singing. I would like to go on and do all of it but singing has always been my favourite. 

From September I have a place at Northbrook Met College in Brighton for a three year course in Musical Theatre. I have been dancing since I was four, I tried sports but it didn’t work out so since then I started dance because there was a dance hall outside my primary school so I tried that and have kept it going from then.

My tutors are really great. They are helpful and supportive of everything and they are very understanding towards you as well.

We have had some work experience as the College has connections where they offer us little side roles and jobs outside of College. I have done a few productions outside of College as well and they have helped us get in the fright nights for Halloween in places like Fort Amherst. We have done many shows in the Theatre at MidKent College and they have got the proper tech set up for us to use.