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Erin Newman

Why did you choose to study an Access programme?

I chose to study an access course to gain the correct qualifications that would then allow me to go on to study nursing at university.

Why did you choose MidKent College?

I chose to study at MidKent as having previously studied at MidKent and having a positive experience there, I felt like this was the best choice.

What did you learn on your course? Did you have any favourite units or assignments?

I learnt many things on my access course including biology, psychology and professional studies units. I also learnt about study skills such as how to reference and use citations correctly - these skills will help me at university.

What was your tutor like?

All three of my tutors have been supportive throughout the whole year and have made my learning experience rewarding.

Have you applied to university?

I have applied to study a Child Nursing degree at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Would you recommend others to continue their studies as an adult, how did you manage your time, particularly if you have a job/children?

I would definitely recommend to others to continue /go back into studies as an adult, as it has been so beneficial and rewarding for me.

Alongside college I also worked part-time (20 hours) a week. This meant I had to make a plan/timetable to ensure I kept on track and had enough time to do everything required and this helped me alot throughout the year.