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Emily Williams

I chose the HNC in Business and Management because I believe that studying Business can open a lot of doors - you don’t just focus on one thing on this course, you get to do marketing, finance, HR etc so if you don’t quite know what you want to do in the future, doing Business can help you as it covers a lot and it can help you discover what you like. My favourite part so far is finance – I find it interesting to learn how much it comes into daily life as well as Business. I also enjoy marketing.

When I’ve finished the course, I’m interested in becoming a business adviser for start-up businesses. I’m also considering going to university to complete the whole package and top up to the degree. I was at MidKent College previously studying the Level 3 Diploma in Business and wanted to progress on from there.

The tutor, Chris, is really easy to get on with. He is quite a fair person, so if you come to class and give your 100% he will give you his 100%. I struggle with the maths side sometimes and he is really helpful and patient– you couldn’t ask for a better teacher. There is a lot of maths on the course, particularly in the unit we are doing in finance.

The class all get on really well and I’ve got some really good friends on the course. I chose MidKent College as it fits in with work and was the easiest option. I’d recommend going into higher education if you are not sure exactly what you want to do – you’re not setting anything in stone, you can have the time to decide exactly what you want to do.

Coming back to the College as an older student has been better than I thought – you are treated like adults.