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Emilio Edwards

I chose to study the HND in ICT because it would give me a good insight into what I wanted to do as I didn’t really have much of an idea. There was a lot of variety in the modules such as programming, system analysis and database design. My favourite one is computer architecture because it deals more with the hardware which I like as it’s much more practical. We are also doing networking and a lot more infrastructure and IT management which is interesting. 

I’ve always had an interest in computers but steered away from studying, which I know sounds strange. I thought that the course sounded interesting and to put my passion for IT to good use. I enjoy a lot more free time to spend with the family and focus on my studying which is good. I will probably go onto the University of Kent next year and am using this course to gauge the career I’m looking for and I hoping to use this year and next year to gain a bit more understanding of what I want to be. 

I have two tutors who are different which is good; they have different approaches. They are very thorough and knowledgeable and always open to ask questions. 

I was a bit worried coming back to College as I wasn’t sure of what my level would in comparison to the course because I hadn’t actually done any computer qualifications apart from GCSE as it was quite a jump. At the same time I had gained a bit more knowledge throughout my working life and hobbies so haven’t found myself at a disadvantage. I’m probably the oldest in my class but we’re all doing something we are interested in so it doesn’t really matter. I would recommend people to come back to College especially nowadays as degrees are very important to get into most lines of work and this course is a good choice.