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Devon Pearce - Level 3 in Interior Design

I want to be an architect… structures, beams, everything, architecture – that is my route and what I want to do! 

When I first came here we had graphic design, interior design and fine art within the first nine weeks and that made me realise then that I needed to lead onto interior design. The first section of coursework with interior design was to do a container design home project and that was my architecture moment – straight away I loved it! Even with our final major project now I even have an idea of what building I want to make and everything I want to do for it. 

The facilities here are amazing. Everything I need they have, even when making my chair the only thing I had to get was the chair itself and the nails. Everything I need or any materials and resources are always here.
I like all the tutors, they are all welcoming. I just get along with the teachers really well. 

I love the fact that I came here and I can socialise. I know people on different programmes like Construction and I even get along with the lecturers in Construction too. 

It is so much fun!  The people in class and everyone that you meet – teachers and everything – it is just brilliant here. You just have to do what you are interested in. 

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