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Dean Cox

Dean Cox - Diploma in Education and Training


I am currently working full-time teaching brickwork at the Army barracks to the Royal Engineers. I already have qualifications in bricklaying, but this course teaches you how to teach.

It’s been really insightful – especially as the last time I was at school was 1984! The hardest things have been writing 2000 word essays, learning to do the referencing and attending College every week. Joe the tutor has made it as entertaining as possible and his style of teaching has been very good. He is very encouraging and supportive. I’ve learnt a lot, and it has really helped me with my job. You get a different perspective on teaching and learn to look at things from the learner’s perspective. You learn about why students may be disruptive, the influences behind their behaviour, and different styles of teaching.

You are assessed throughout the course – it’s an ongoing process. Joe comes out to my work to observe me with my students usually once per module. I’m also assessed by someone internally and I also observe my peers on the course and pick up tips that way too.

It’s not too demanding on time at College, but you do need to put time aside for research outside of College hours. When you first start it’s a bit of a shock to the system but as I’ve progressed I’ve adapted and find it a lot easier now.