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Charlotte Clark

I chose this programme because I’ve always had an interest in photography. It’s another way to express yourself and capture the moment. Ever since I was little I have liked to take photos of my pets and surroundings. So far we have learnt how to set up the studio and about the cameras, ISO settings and aperture. It’s not what I Iearnt at school whilst doing the GCSE, it’s a lot more professional at College. We’re learning more technical stuff rather than just taking photos, as well as health and safety and the laws surrounding photography. 

In the classroom we do mainly theory and research, such as why we use certain things and what you would use it for. 

I left sixth form to come to College as I liked the fact that I could just focus on studying photography full-time here, rather than do three different subjects. 

My parents were really supportive of me coming to College as my brother came to MidKent College and was really happy here. 

Long term I would like to go to university, I am looking at London and Glasgow but also liked Falmouth University which is where we went on our trip. We did a workshop in the studio there, there was a marine area where you could take underwater pictures. I would like to go into fashion photography.  I would definitely recommend coming to College as they treat you much more like adults and it’s relaxed. 

They trust you to get on with the work, they work with you rather than forcing you to learn things. You can go to a tutor and ask for help and they will take time and sit down with you to explain things thoroughly. The tutor will give you a topic but encourage you to be creative and carry out your own research and find your own artist and inspiration, have multiple ideas and then decide what you would like to do for your photography topic. 

For my industry placement I am looking at setting up a couple of social media sites for a couple of family friends but the industry placement team are also looking into some more for next year. In stretch and challenge we are currently doing something towards raising money for a charity. I am working with another girl photographing pets for people and raising money for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, so it’s helping with our programme and raising money.