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Cassie Carter-Castle

I chose Photography because it was my sort of thing and always saw and thought that looks like a fun thing to do and then I started doing it my spare time and it became a real passion. I decided I wanted to pursue a career in photography and came to MidKent College to learn about it properly. 

I have learnt how to use the studio and how to use all the equipment, how to properly use a camera and editing software. I have been taught how to approach businesses. I have also been taught how to write a cover letter and a CV. 

I am doing my final project at the moment which is about homeless people during the pandemic, and how it brings in a lot of anti-homeless architecture and how the government have used money to put people in hostels all through the pandemic but before the pandemic they were using that money to put anti-homeless architecture in, instead of actually helping people with hostels. I had to think about the people who were being evicted from their homes during the pandemic with no jobs and nowhere to go. I was thinking about drugs and mental health and all sorts of stuff as they all come in as factors. 

I’m not sure what I’m going to do after College. I was thinking of going onto university but I think at the moment I will focus on building my skills and perhaps go and do a year of work experience. 

I chose MidKent College as it was local to me and I knew people who came here and they said it was good. I came in to look around and MidKent College had the best resources for the programme compared to other places and I just thought the environment was very professional but also laid-back enough not to be stressful. 

My tutor is absolutely lovely, he is a really big help, I feel that we have progressed amazingly with him.