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Callum Miller

When we cover a unit, we learn about the theory and also the practical. At the moment we are covering poultry and pastry. So far in pastry we’ve made puff pastry, shortcrust pastry and sweet pastry. Next week we are making a Swiss apple tart. In poultry we have learnt about different kinds of poultry and how to determine the difference between poultry and game. We then get to put this into practice in the kitchens – what we have in the larders always matches what we are covering in the unit.

The tutor is fantastic; he adjusts well to different people and helps you to work the way you need to. I work quickly, so sometimes he gives me extension tasks to stretch me.

I chose MidKent College partly because of convenience, it is local to where I live. I’m doing my industry placement at the College’s McLeods Restaurant. It’s not too busy, but busy enough for you to experience what it’s like to do a service but at a slower place. There is a big difference between how you work professionally and how you work in the training kitchen. We learn everything properly in training, like how to hold a knife, how to sharpen it etc. One of the tutors speaks French, so we learn all the French terminology.

I’d recommend this programme 100%.