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Billy Bonifas

I chose AAT because I was looking to enter the accounting industry but I didn’t want to go via the university route. I’ve saved myself some student debt, and I don’t have to move away from family or friends. I can get what I want to do done, and get the grades I need. I want to go into tax fraudulence.

When I was at school maths was my favourite subject, and so I used what I was good at and put it into practice to see what I can get as a job.

At College you’re more in charge of your own learning, and you can get great results. We’re a small class too, so you get 1:1 with your tutors and it’s more effective. The tutor can tailor the learning to you.

We’re learning management accounting at the moment looking at apportionment, overhead costs etc. We learn how accounting is put into place in the workplace. I like the real world application of it.

Helen is very straight to the point, and she won’t stop going over something until you’ve got it! Theresa is very lively and she’ll teach you in engaging ways.

It’s advised that you start at level 2. It’s quiet a bit jump to the level 3 but you learn all of the foundation on level 2. I’m hoping to go onto the level 4 here, and I’m looking for my placement now.

I would 100% recommend someone to come and study at MidKent College. It’s a very friendly environment. I only knew one person when I started but by the end of the first day I was on friendly terms with everyone – you’re in the same boat. It could be a new thing for everyone, you’re on the same level. There’s people from different backgrounds and ages, some are retraining or straight from school. It shows it’s not just for young people, and suitable for everyone.