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Alex Camp

I chose MidKent College because it was one of the main colleges that I thought was best equipped for the programme. In the future I want to have my own company that specialises in prosthetics and cybernetics; this requires electronics which is also one of the reasons I chose this College. Also, I love the welding aspect and the other bit and pieces that I am doing in the programme which helps to improve my knowledge of general engineering.

For my work experience I am currently at three places: one at a friend’s company, which is more of a charity, he has a steam locomotive in his garden which he opens up for the public, where we raise money and I volunteer there. I also work at Buckmore Park working with the go-karts and helping them to fix them and I work at Maxitrak which is a company that builds the steam locomotives.

The tutors are very kind and helpful, and they will not hesitate to help you and if you get stuck, you also have use of the computers.

I think doing welding for the first time has been one of my biggest achievements, learning that technique and managing to perform a reasonably good weld. I do need a bit more practice.  

Although I am quite good at maths this programme has bought me into a new realm of how maths will be used in engineering and I am starting to get better at the more difficult aspects of maths.