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Adam Dring

I am studying the Level 3 in Carpentry. From a young age I’ve always been interested in learning a trade and carpentry was the most relevant programme I could think of. I left school at 16 and started an apprenticeship with Ian Williams Ltd, which is a maintenance company. I did a two year level 2 apprenticeship which included a wide variety of carpentry and other trade related skills. I’m currently in my third year of the apprenticeship with the same company doing more advanced and supervisory skills.

It’s a lot different being out on site than in College but it does give you slightly more technical knowledge as you’re learning why you do the job as opposed to just doing it. At the moment I am constructing a complex roof as part of my level 3.

In the level 2 we constructed a simple roof and the level 3 brings it all together such as adding window lights. The theory lessons are mainly based around health and safety.

My parents were really supportive of me doing an apprenticeship and coming to College as you do learn things at College that you don’t on site. I’ve had the same tutor from when I first joined until now so about two and half years, Richard Hadaway, who is very supportive and helpful. The tutors teach you more than just the trade, they also talk about their own experiences and give you different tricks and tips.

I live locally to the College which is part of the reason I chose MidKent College but I’d also heard good stuff from people who already go here. I would recommend coming to College, it’s not like school and they don’t talk to you like a child, you get people from all walks of life.