How much do you really know about apprenticeships? We're here to bust some common misconceptions! Could an apprenticeship be an option for you to progress in your career? Apply online now to join us in September for your day release training.

You’ll never earn much. 

You’ll receive the National Minimum Wage for apprentices, with some employers choosing to increase this. Don’t forget – this is only for the duration of your apprenticeship and once you have completed your apprenticeship you can stay within the company on a higher salary, or choose to apply for jobs elsewhere.

Apprenticeships are only for those who don’t do well at school

There are different levels of apprenticeships available (intermediate, advanced and higher levels) but there are still entry requirements for each level. Find out more on our apprenticeships page.

Apprenticeships are just an alternative route for you to enter a career!

Apprenticeships are only in the construction trades

There are apprenticeships available in almost every industry sector from accounting and financeHR, management, and fashion.

You’ll only be given the photocopying

Apprenticeships are recognised training routes, and so depending on the apprenticeship that you choose, you will be given relevant tasks and projects to complete.

Adults can’t apply for apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are for those from age 16 and can offer adults the opportunity to change career or retrain. We often see adult apprentices around College, so please don’t worry about this!

Your apprenticeship qualification isn’t a real qualification

They are real qualifications that employers recognise. Depending on the apprenticeship that you choose, you’ll study a relevant qualification that employers have often helped shape and contributed to. You could also improve your English and maths skills with GCSE retakes if necessary, and many apprentices improve other skills too, like ICT.

Find out more about the intermediate, advanced and higher-level apprenticeships at the College here.