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Governing body

Made up of 20 individuals across a range of backgrounds and experience – including two members of staff, two students and the principal/chief executive – the governing body reflects the varied communities the College serves.

It meets at least five times a year and also has a strategic away day.

At each governing body meeting members systematically monitor the performance of the College through various reports including the principal's update, committee minutes and the College's key performance indicators.

Copies of agendas, minutes, reports, documents and other papers considered at Governing Body meetings can be viewed by contacting the clerk to the Governing Body during normal office hours.

Anyone wishing to attend Governing Body meetings should put their request in writing to the clerk at least five working days prior to the meeting for the request to be considered by the chairman.

Contact the clerk Corine Burkin by email or by phoning 01634 383182.

Click on the links below to access the latest meeting dates, agendas and minutes or view the meeting dates here. You can also view the Governing Body structure here.

All minutes are available on request from the Clerk.

2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020

Agenda 04.11.21

Minutes 04.11.21

Agenda 14.10.20

Minutes 14.10.20

Agenda 15.10.19

Minutes 15.10.19

Agenda 16.12.21

Minutes 16.12.21

Agenda 9.12.20

Minutes 9.12.20

Agenda 10.12.19

Minutes 10.12.19

    Governing Body Away Day programme

Agenda 04.02.22

Minutes 04.02.22

Agenda 24.03.21

Minutes 24.03.21

Agenda 25.03.20

Minutes 25.03.20

Agenda 24.03.22

Minutes 24.03.22

Agenda 09.06.21

Minutes 09.06.21

Agenda 03.06.20

Minutes 03.06.20


Agenda 14.07.21

Minutes 14.07.21

Agenda 15.07.20

Minutes 15.07.20