Level 3 in Business student George Nicholls-Brown, and former Business student – and brother! - James, have started their own record label “ASCENSION AUDIO”. There's so many pathways you could consider with Business!

Both DDD* students, George will shortly be joining his brother at the University of Birmingham, and taking his studies further with a degree in Business Management.

They’re currently building their brand on SoundCloud, and hope to branch out to Beatport and Spotify soon. They’re also looking to host events, build up their artist roster and sign artists to their brand to distribute original music.

George said: “My brother James and I started our label to act as a collective for myself and other like-minded artists to distribute our music. I have been DJing for three years, and wanted to enhance my skills in this area, so started to produce my own music during lockdown.

We started a ten-track collective from ten different artists entitled “The Ascension LP”. The project went down really well, and we’re continuing to build on this.

We are very close and like-minded people so I knew we would support each other and contribute new exciting ideas to build our brand.”

Curriculum manager Camilla Maurice said “We are always so proud to hear of the achievements and successes of all of our Business students. It’s fantastic that George and James completed their Business studies with us, progressed to their chosen university and identified an opportunity to break into the business world with their love for music.

We are looking forward to seeing how their label grows and develops over the next few years.”

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Check out ASCENSION AUDIO’s Instagram and SoundCloud pages.