On Thursday 22 January, Nixiwaka Yawanawa from Survival International visited the College to raise awareness of the Amazon and the rights of its tribal people.

Nixiwaka provided some fascinating insights to Performing Arts and Science students into the Yawanawa tribe’s way of life and their relationship with the Amazon rainforest. The Yawanawa tribe only consists of 900 people – a very small number compared to other tribes. In the Amazon region there are 300 tribes, with 200 different languages. Around 100 tribes still have no contact with the modern world.

Nixiwaka left Brazil to study Art and English in London and now promotes awareness to others about the rights of the tribal people. The biggest concern facing the Amazon and its people is deforestation.

Teaching and learning manager Ant Finch said:

“Animal Management is naturally well positioned to embrace the environment. The environment is intrinsically connected to absolutely everything, it is connected to animals and the survival of species on planet earth.

The cultures around the world that are connected to the environment are the guardians of the plants and the animals of planet earth. They are connected in a way which we have now lost in our culture.

This in short was his message. Please help us save ourselves, our cultures, our environment. True conservation must take into account the indigenous people. These people must be protected. These are the people who are best positioned to manage and protect their own environments.

Animal Management students are completely committed to supporting survival international and plan to raise support, awareness and money for them in whatever way we can. It all starts with education.”

The College’s Performing Arts and Music students are developing new performance work to create links between the local and international community. These pieces will aim to raise the awareness of the sense of global community and cohesion.

If you would like to support the cause please go the Survival International website.

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