Ecobuild is the leading exhibition and conference for construction, design and energy in the built environment, attracting over 33,000 high calibre, senior level decision makers and influencers from architects and developers, to local government and major infrastructure clients. Ecobuild is all about inspiring places, people and products.

This year’s theme was regeneration and redefining sustainability. The tutor arranged for students to visit this event as part of their CPD as the information at the event was relevant to College and their workplace. It was an opportunity to observe new ideas within construction and to speak and hear from industry experts. Students found the trade exhibition interesting and useful. Here is a small selection of comments about the day.


‘I found the day very enjoyable and interesting to see the different methods companies used to develop existing materials and product to get the full potential out of them.

Please see the photo with the metal mesh. The mesh is a radiator that is then covered by plaster. I found this a creative yet simple idea to save on space yet still achieve sufficient heat.’

Ben Reynolds (COINFORD)

‘I think that it helped me to realise the potential of building technology and how it can be used in very inventive ways. I was also able to see how businesses handle each other and how they conduct different styles of advertising. I would say the most useful stand for me was the one that was showcasing radiation proof pipes. My building site sits upon an old pharmaceutical factory. This stand was useful to me as it helped me to understand the reasoning for the choice of different materials. I'd like to thank you and the College for giving me the experience to go to the event as it was very fun and interesting, I'd say I definitely would go again.’

Ben Cordier (MOAT)

‘The event was very enjoyable, I got to see a lot of different things which I may not usually see but also some new ideas which could be used in future developments. I’d definitely attend again.’

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