Applied Science and Veterinary Medicine pathway students got involved with a Natural History Museum citizen science project this week at the College.

Along with over 250 other specifically chosen education institutions, the students collected swabs off of the College's buildings to send to the Natural History Museum. The Museum conducts DMA analysis to discover what microorganisms live on the College building.

This project gives students practical experience of fieldwork and they'll actually contribute to genuine scientific research to further science's understanding of urban microorganisms.

Applied Science lecturer Alison Ackroyd said:

"The Microverse is a joint research project between the Natural History Museum and colleges like MidKent. We will be collecting microorganisms from our building and sending them to the Museum for DNA analysis.

The research aims to discover which species are living on our buildings. Little is know about the microorganisms in the outside world - yet they are an important part of our wildlife!"

The Natural History Museum will analyse the building samples from the College - and let us know about the different species of microorganisms found here in Medway!

To find out more about the community project please visit the Natural History Museum.

For all media enquiries please contact the marketing department at MidKent College.