On 16 March 90 Public Services students visited Lydd army base to participate in a riot control training exercise with Kent police. Students took part in a safety and information briefing to demonstrate

how the police manage command and control of different situations: from large football matches to protests and marches. They learnt about the different type of officers involved, their equipment and how the teams work together to provide a safe environment for all. Students discovered more about the police command structure, how mounted police were used and real life examples where riot police have been involved.

Public Services students were tasked with creating a disturbance to provide the riot police with realistic scenarios to test their rigorous plans and training. On a mock housing estate, students were armed with rubber bullets and organised against the police, who were protected with shields, batons and helmets. Over an hour and a half, students and instructors tested the police defences, tactics and equipment to ensure that they are prepared for any public order offence. Petrol ‘bombs’ were also thrown into the police barriers to test the police’s ability to manage multiple offensives.

Public Services tutor Darren said “This exercise provided students with an excellent and realistic insight into the planning and extensive training required as part of the riot police.

These experiences inspire our students to consider the different career opportunities available to them in the uniformed public services.”

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