At the end of 2021 we were incredibly proud to be invited to attend the ‘Healthy Workplace’ awards to collect a Gold award for our work and commitment to create a healthy workplace for our staff.

The Kent and Medway Healthy Workplace programme supports businesses of all sizes and sectors to meet the health needs of their workplace. The programme also helps employers, and their staff, find ways to be healthy at work.

Having achieved the Bronze award in 2019, we asked an assessor to revisit our pledges last autumn as we believed we were ready to step up to a Silver award. The assessor reviewed the policies, procedures and support we have in place and met with staff to ensure that what we said we were doing was actually being put into practice. Because we were able to demonstrate significant improvements across a number of areas, rather than the Silver award we’d anticipated we were delighted to hear that we were being upgraded to Gold.

Julia Thompson, the College’s Director of People said:

“It’s great that we can celebrate this award, and it’s brilliant to have some external recognition for work we’re doing to make the College a better workplace for everyone. However, we’re not going to sit back and think that the job is done; we’re continually reviewing the things that we can put in place for our staff to support their physical, mental and financial wellbeing”.

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