On the 23rd of March, our class went on a trip to ITV studios in London to watch a recording of a new game show called Babushka, hosted by Rylan Clark. The show’s concept is similar to Noel Edmond’s gameshow, Deal or No Deal but it feels a lot more entertaining because of the quicker pace and type of questions that get asked.

For one episode (and for the promo/advert that will premiere before the show airs) we saw what went into making the show and what working on the show is like. Five to ten minutes before the show, we were being told about what they would want to hear from the crowd. This would include things like clapping when the contestants have won something, being quiet while they decide on what answer to choose etc. It was a little strange at first but after the first round it started to feel more natural. After practicing our reactions, we met Rylan. He introduced himself and started talking to the crowd.

We didn’t see a lot of “behind the scenes” things but we got a rough idea of what went on behind the curtain. For example, Rylan would talk to the crew behind the scenes to change the autocue or for if he had redo something (repeat a line or redo a shot). It was interesting to see how easily the show was made, I thought it would be a little bit more hectic but it was very well organised.

I’m not a huge fan of game shows but I really enjoyed the trip. I thought it wouldn’t have been that entertaining but it was interesting seeing how the crew talks to each other, how the host talks to the audience and how all of the equipment is used (I spent most of my time looking more at the equipment than the actual gameshow). After a couple minutes or so, I even started getting into the gameshow itself.

Overall, I think the trip was very fascinating and I learnt a lot on how a set works.

Tom Mylne Level 2 in Creative Media

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