Through our ongoing partnership with local employers, we regularly hear about how difficult it is to secure coding for welders, and how costly it can be to send welders around the country to attend assessment centres.

That's why we've been working with The Welding Institute over the last 18 months to develop a new assessment centre.

Based at our Medway Campus, the centre is accredited to offer training and assessment for all key types of welding, and our tutors are TWI certified to carry out training and examination of test pieces.

Starting in January 2020 we'll be offering training and assessments leading to:

Coded Welding Test BS 4872 Coded Welding Test ASME1X Coded Welding Test BS EN ISO 9606 Visual Welding Inspector

To celebrate the launch of your new local TWI-approved coding assessment centre, please join us for drinks and refreshments on Wednesday 27 November from 4pm-6pm at our Medway Campus.

Please RSVP by clicking here or calling 01634 383543.