Students from across Kent took part in the Kent Association of Further Education College's (KAFEC) Hair Competition on Wednesday 29 April.

MidKent College students cut their way through the competition to claim first place in three of the six categories. The designs showcased by the students included transforming the shape and colour of their models hair – and also adding height and depth too!

Tracey Davies, lecturer in Hair & Beauty, said: "This competition is designed to test the skills and knowledge of the students. I am so proud of our students and the designs they have created.

"We would like to thank and congratulate the other colleges involved too."

The winners for the different categories include:

Kane Leslie, East Kent College (Level 1) Oscar Goodman, MidKent College (Level 2) Emily Crouch, MidKent College (Level 2 WBL) Julija Bambane, East Kent College (Level 3) Megan Hogben, Sinead Mortlock, Hayley Ford, MidKent College (Advant Garde)