Congratulations to Interreg student Sarah Leggett who, after completion of her Introductory Certificate in Welding has been offered employment at Simmonds Engineering.

Her role will include a variety of tasks including putting parts together, sending out orders, stock-taking, using saws, pillar drills, the lathe and finisher. Sarah is hoping to continue her training in Engineering by enrolling on an apprenticeship programme once she has completed qualifications in English and maths.

Sarah said, “Joe, (my employer) is really excited that I want to carry on with my education and he is a good teacher. I pretty much use every bit of machinery they’ve got. I’ve been on the lathe, which we call Herbert – I don’t yet programme the CNC machines, but that is something I’d like to learn on the apprenticeship.”

Sarah completed the Welding Introductory course as part of the Interreg Programme, which aims to support DWP-referred students into employment in the shortage area of engineering with completion of an intensive course, work placement and confidence/skill-building sessions.

She told us, “I have enjoyed coming back to College, the techs Chloe and Chris have been amazing – absolutely brilliant.

On the introductory course we’ve covered hand tools and stick welding – I've never done Engineering before, so this is a complete change. When I was offered it, I thought yes! This is really interesting, and I’ve absolutely loved it. I prefer working hands-on and I like the fact that I can say I’ve made something.”

As part of the course, Sarah welded several pieces that she will be able to take home.

Head of Department for Engineering, Ruth Kay said,

“I am thrilled that Sarah has secured a job as a result of the programme. She had never considered a career in engineering before but developed a real passion for it during the 12 weeks. We wish her every success in the future and want to remind her and the rest of the cohort that we will continue to support them with their next steps.”

Sarah is looking forward to her future in engineering, commenting,

“The programme has helped me a lot – if I hadn’t joined it, I would probably still be on minimum wage working in a warehouse in what felt like a dead-end job. Now I’ve got the opportunity to build a good career in something that I am really enjoying which is lovely. I never thought at my age that I would be starting again, especially in welding, but it’s been brilliant.”

Good luck Sarah!