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Induction encourages teamwork

Students beginning courses in construction at MidKent College’s Maidstone Campus bonded at an induction day with a difference.

Students teamed up to complete a range of challenges

A fun-packed morning of activities saw the college’s first year Construction Crafts Diploma students split into class teams before being asked to complete a range of tough challenges. More than 100 trainee carpenters, bricklayers and decorators braved a go at the tasks on offer - including a timed penalty shoot-out, a tug of war, and a netball competition. 

College painting and decorating lecturer Ellie Bentley said: “We organise this fun induction event every year to give the students a chance to get to know one another and develop their identity as a class and college faculty. As well as working with one another, the students have also been teamed up with their course tutors and the support staff allocated to their groups.

“This year’s challenge united everyone in the entire department, and has been a great experience – especially for the learners, who are preparing for work in an industry that relies on different types of tradespeople working together.”

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