Photographs showing student life here at the College by two of our Graphic Design students are winners in the FE Week Photography and Me competition.

Congratulations to Aqua Gailunaite and Katarina Rafajdusova - their response to the brief to send a photograph representing college life could not have been more different,

Aqua said: "Building my life on my dreams and making them come true is what college means to me. To achieve my dreams I have to work hard and do home study so that I can get the grades I need to get into a good university."

Katrina wanted to show that at College you make new friendships, and that College is not all about stress and deadlines.

This year there were two categories in the competition; 10 finalists selected from entries from learners studying photography, and five from learners on other courses with a passion for picture-taking. Aqua and Katarina came second and fourth in the latter.

View all of the images entered and read what College life means to them in the FE Week competition supplement.

The winner from the photography-student category will be chosen by public vote, so check out the images and cast your vote in the FE Week and Me photography competition 2014.

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