A long-term lifesaver has been honoured by the NHS after reaching a blood donation milestone.

Sue Beeney

Sue Beeney, 64, from Barming, first gave blood as a teenager and recently completed her 50th donation – a challenge that took 46 years.

Women can only donate blood three times a year and must also stop when they are pregnant, making Sue’s achievement all the more impressive.

“It’s a lot easier for men to receive the gold award because they can donate four times a year and don’t have to stop for children,” she said.

“I’ve been pregnant three times and also had to stop for a while when I was diagnosed with diabetes, so I didn’t think I’d ever reach this milestone.

“I’m just really chuffed that I’ve actually done it and have been walking around with a grin on my face ever since.

“One pint of blood can save up to three lives and you donate just under a pint each time, so to think I might have saved up to 150 people is phenomenal.”

Sue, who works as a learning support practitioner at MidKent College’s Maidstone Campus, received a pin badge, certificate and pen from NHS Blood and Transplant for reaching the gold standard.

Her next target is the platinum award for 75 donations.

“The slogan for the blood service is ‘do something amazing today’ and it really is a fantastic feeling to help people in this way,” said Sue.

“It’s so quick and easy and they take good care of you, and it’s a really simple way to give back to society. I’d encourage anyone to give blood and save a life.”

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