Merlyn Jeffery, a MidKent College Creative Media Student, has won the KAFEC 2015 Photography Competition.

The competition was held at Grimond Theatre, University of Kent and was hosted by Canterbury College. This year welcomed a record number of entries, with 64 entries for the Photography Competition and 44 entries for the Filming Competition.

For the Photography Competition, students were given the brief “My time at College”. Merlyn’s photograph, “On a Journey”, caught the judges’ eyes and was crowned as the overall winner!

Media lecturer Ian Caird said: “Since studying for her Diploma in Creative Media Production, Merlyn has been quick to acquire a lot of news skills with which to develop her talent.“

“This extends not only to photography and lens based-media but graphics and design for print and web also. She is a very visionary student, able to adapt her ideas and relate them well to a brief with considerable flare and aptitude”