Level 2 students took part in a restaurant class, as part of their internal work experience. Working in the College public restaurant 'Oaks' they learned to cook dishes from the menu and studied the basics of how a working kitchen is run. The front of house students learned how to serve customers in the restaurant, take orders and work behind the bar serving coffee and pastries to customers wanting to grab a quick coffee or snack.

Behind-the-scenes tasks this week included making curries, pasta sauces, brownies, cookies and side dishes. We selected two students to work as head chef for the restaurant, so that when the orders come in, they are in charge of cooking and leading the kitchen. This week it was Shaun and Alexandrea's responsibility and they executed it very well and to a high standard. The restaurant duty manager was suitably impressed with their standard of work.

The photographs show Joshua prepping garlic to make a curry for the restaurant and Lucy and Jakob preparing chocolate brownies and cookies to put on sale in the restaurant. Shaun is pictured filling in the use-by and allergen checklist for the curry, whereas Shaun and Alexandrea are discussing a work plan to use when the orders start coming in and designating any extra jobs which may need to be done. The work experience opportunities provided by internal College facilities such as Oaks, highlight the importance of using real-life job examples and experiences alongside practical learning in a classroom environment.

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