A young entrepreneur promoted to head of marketing at an award-winning firm is now celebrating the rapid growth of her own business.

Terri-Jane Harris (right) with head of faculty for Services to People, Beverley Noble

Terri-Jane Harris, 20, from Chatham, launched Terri Towelling after experiencing tremendous success while studying for her apprenticeship in business administration at MidKent College.

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Her new enterprise provides towels for the hair and beauty industry and is part of Elsatex, which does the same for hospitals, health clubs and shops and was last year named Medway Business of the Year at the Medway Business Awards.

“While researching other companies on the internet, it hit me that everyone else who sells towels to hair and beauty salons is very expensive,” said Terri.

“I knew through working at Elsatex that I could cut out the middle man and do the same thing for a lot cheaper, so I ran it past Steve (Lowe – Elsatex co-owner) and he said he thought it was a great idea.

“I probably sell about 1,500 towels a month now. I love it when the telephone rings at work because it normally means another order and it’s just the best feeling.

“I really enjoyed studying at MidKent College. The course was difficult at times but the lessons were always really interesting and the knowledge I gained there has helped me get to where I am today.”

Terri returned to the College’s Medway Campus last Thursday (24 April) and donated two cartons of towels – 144 in total – to the hair and beauty department as a thank-you for the education she received.

Head of faculty Beverly Noble was the grateful recipient on the day and said she looked forward to enjoying a healthy working relationship with Terri Towelling.

She added: “It’s wonderful to see such a bright young talent with the confidence and courage to launch her own business, and to make a success of it too.

“It was a lovely gesture for her to donate so many towels to the College free of charge. They will most certainly be put to good use in our hair and beauty salons.

“We wish Terri all the very best for the future.”

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